22 mins
Language: Czech
Shooting format: digital

Vojtech Hrabak
Josefina Duskova
Josef Pejchal

Director/Scriptwriter: Piaoyu Xie
Cinematographer: Marcel Benes
Editor: Veronika Hlinkova
Sound Design: Matej Chrudina
Set Design: Zuzana Boskova
Music: Catherine Backhouse

From the moment when Nikola’s girlfriend Ana puts the lipstick on his lip, nothing is ever the same. No one wants to confront or to be justified, the secrets each of them is holding to themselves are growing recklessly just like the nettles in the backyard.
Festival Selection:

Prague Short Film Festival
Czech Short Film 2017 - Czech Film Center
International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIZENIA
XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin
Guangzhou Queer Film Festival
Pride Film Festival
Mezipatra at Prague Pride
Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Cellu l'art Short Film Festival
PAF Olomouc – Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art

BFI Flare - London LGBT Film Festival
Palm Springs Shortfest
MIX Milano - Milan International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Reeling - The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival
Florence Queer Festival
Iris Prize Festival
Mezipatra Queer Film Festival
Image + Nation - Montreal LGBTQ Film Festival
Golden Knight Malta International Short Film Festival
European Short Films in America - Czech Center New York